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Boilable White Plastic Pant Regular Height Enclosed Elastic

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Boilable White Plastic Pant Regular Height Enclosed Elastic

Boilable white Plastic Pants made by Gary Manufacturing with Enclosed elastic  around the waist and leg, these regular height waist are the standard cut providing plenty of room for a pad or nappy.

The product is slightly harder than the other PVC which quickly warms to touch but is somewhat noisy. More like the old fashioned stiffer fabric. As suggested the pant can be boiled for a short time for cleanliness.

Whilst not everyone’s first choice, the plastic pant is fairly popular for those who like to feel secure with the product they are wearing – an almost intuitional type product. The Boilable fabric is also another popular reason that people purchase this type of PVC.

Price includes discreet delivery – Lower prices for Pick up orders.

Material : White Boilable – Medium Noise

Gauge: .004

Hand: Medium Soft

Brand: Gary Manufacturing

Colour: Boilable White

Main Material: PVC

Packed Weight: 200g

Made In USA

Additional information

Weight .2 kg

Medium, Large


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