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Biocath Foley Catheter Kit 12G – 10cc and Sterilisation Kit

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Biocath Foley Catheter Kit 12G – 10cc and Sterilisation Kit

Catheter’s are a medical device used to drain the bladder and they come in different sizes and different types of pipe etc.

This product is for a Biocath Foley Catheter Kit 12G – 10cc  product together with a single use Promed sterilised catheter insertion kit.

The size 12 is a fairly small size for an adult male if no other complications are indicated.  Once inserted, a balloon on the internal end of the catheter is filled with sterilised water (supplied) to stop the pipe from slipping from the urethra and is released when you wish to remove the catheter.

The  use of the provided sterilised equipment kit  and general area is essential when the catheter is inserted and is a necessary part of the procedure. When the product arrives you will be ready to complete the task.

It is assumed that anyone purchasing this kit is sufficiently skilled at the procedure and or has someone who knows the procedure to assist.

Absolutely no responsibility will be taken by Littles Down Under for any infection or discomfort in any way caused by the use of this product.

The products are brand new, properly sealed.







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