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Bambino Magnifico Adult Diaper

Bambino Magnifico Adult Nappies

(15 customer reviews)


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Bambino Magnifico Printed Adult Diaper

The product is available in two sizes Small/Medium and Large/X lge.  The products have outstanding reviews on the manufacturers website.

Each individual pack contains 10 diapers.

New for the Bambino range of products it features an all over print and a stretch waist technology for a perfect fit and is the true all plastic shelled adult diaper and is a fantastic addition to the ABDL market here in Australia.

The cute dinosaur designs are coloured Pink, blue and green and are depicted carrying numbers 1,2 and 3 in amoungst flowers and trees.

Gone are the sticky tabs, and in with the hook and loop tabs which make re sealing easy – these are a market leader!

Even more absorbent than the Bellissimo!


  • Bambino’s first all over printing featuring a cute unisex dino design
  • Patent pending stretch waist panel with micro memory technology
  • All plastic diaper with mechanical hook and loop closure system
  • More absorbent and comfortable with the Bellissimo
  • Newly designed extra wide with four tab, extra strength hook tabs to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

Available in the following quantities

  • Samples of two
  • Single or multiple packs each containing 10 nappies
  • or Cartons containing 4 packs (40 nappies)


  • Small/Medium 26″ -46″ (66cm – 110cm)
  • Large / X lge 36″ – 56″ (91cm – 142cm)

Each pack contains 10 Diapers

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Select Pack Size

Sample (2 Nappies), Single Pack (10 Nappies), Carton (4 Packs)

Select Product Size

Small/Med – 26"-46" (66cm – 110cm), Large/ X Lge – 36" – 56" (91cm – 142cm)

15 reviews for Bambino Magnifico Adult Nappies

  1. Dan (verified owner)

    Very comfy,great design ,no problems with the new tabs, and no leaks ,will take outstanding amount , could use overnight no probs .

  2. Dominic (verified owner)

    Best diaper I have ever used.
    Very comfortable
    Zero leaks, I wore it for two days just to see how much it could hold and I was honestly surprised, I unleash already 10 full bladders into in without a problem, not sure how much more it could take as I had to remove it for work.
    You can Readjust the diaper once it gets heavy, the new tabs are great and the elastic on the sides are very snug.
    Once wet the diaper becomes quite squishy and funny move around in, makes a nice crisp crinkle sound when you walk when it is both wet and dry, can hear even it clearly through thick jeans.
    Will definitely buy more!!

  3. Geoff

    Terrific nappy and very attractive style and cover. Great absorbency although Rearz have slightly more. Very comfy and easy to wear and change.

  4. Michael (verified owner)

    The closest to a infant nappy ever swells and makes you waddle not very confident it tabs as I am a heavy night wetter and in between small and medium size but great for fun when at home in nothing but a nappy butt

  5. Idzy (verified owner)

    I think these nappies are my new favourite. Very easy to change, the stretchy sides make sure they’re always snug and the velcro tapes are absoluteley awesome and allow for truly unlimited adjustmet until they’re just right.

    Plus they look so damn cute, and make you feel like a real baby again. Furthermore, It’s not just the look, they’re functional too. Hold a lot, and are extremely comfy. Once wet, the fun really starts as they swell a little, but still leave you with that mildly damp feeling. These are the closest thing you will find to something that looks like a real modern-day baby nappy in a comfortable size for us bigger kids. For what you get, the price is pretty reasonable too. You will definitely not be dissapointed in these.

  6. David (verified owner)

    These are my new favourite adult diaper.
    By far the most comfortable and best fitting.
    Elastic tapes are amazing and super fun design on the outside.

  7. poobum (verified owner)

    definitely one of my favourites. no leakage, the straps/sides are stretchy and velcro so you can adjust them all through the day and not worry about them losing their stick. the design is as close to an infant diaper as I’ve seen and they’re adorable to boot. also minimal crinkly sounds for stealthy wearing.

  8. Jamie (verified owner)

    Fantastic! They fit so snug & tight & the Velcro Straps work superbly. They are sooo comfortable & are the best nappies I have ever used. The print is cute & they are the closest thing to babies nappies I have seen. Highly recommended!

  9. pondrat (verified owner)

    Another great offering from Bambino. Well worth trying.

  10. Greg (verified owner)

    Yet another top quality abdl nappy from Bambino. The Velcro type tabs are truly first class which allows for infinite adjustment to get that perfect fit, even when fully loaded. Those tabs didn’t let go.
    Very soft / absorbent inner and a nice stretchy plastic outer makes for a snug fit. Cute all over print for the AB’s as well . Easy on the eyes. Very comfortable nappy for all night use. Nice and thirsty. They give ya a nicely padded bottom too!
    Well worth a go and a worthy addition to the diaper stash 😃

  11. D (verified owner)

    While these diapers can hold a large amount the small/medium choice is misleading, these are definitely on the larger side. people with smaller waists will want to avoid.

  12. Tommy (verified owner)

    I really enjoy these nappies because they have a great print, are comfortable, and have easy-to-use tabs. I am a big fan of the Velcro tabs because they held tight, even when the nappy sagged from being wet. Speaking of, they held a great deal of liquid 🙂

  13. Timothy (verified owner)

    Really fun nappy, very colourful and bulky. The leg cuffs aren’t super leak proof, I found it hard to get a proper fit with the hook system and it always leaked from the buttocks area. It does hold quite a bit, but the majority of the pad is on the back and it struggles to wick away moisture quickly.
    Not the best, but fun to wear.

  14. Rasmus (verified owner)

    My absolute favorite.

  15. Matt (verified owner)

    Strong tapes, great pattern and holds a lot.

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